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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Personal Trainer

Admin 03-12-2020

A personal trainer or a coach can help you reach your goal faster with the right techniques. Having a personal trainer is very important, especially if you are training for a specific sport, like weightlifting.

And only a trainer who is dedicated to your progress can help you reach your goal or even further than that. That is why choosing the right person to train you is important.

The personal trainer is the person that gives you proper training and advice for achieving and maintaining the level of fitness that you desire. Their job is to help you stay fit with the least amount of discomfort or injuries.

In today’s blog, we will be discussing common mistakes people do while choosing a personal trainer and how to avoid them.

1. Only choosing trainers who charge higher fees

Most of the time, people think that higher payment automatically guarantees better services and facilities. But that is not always the case. The ability to provide better training comes from the experience that the trainer has and that has nothing to do with how much they are charging from you.

A trainer may charge you 1500 rupees per session and that would still be a better deal for the expertise and dedication they bring to the table.

At times, personal trainers offer discounts that help you get the same services at a discounted price. Even so, do not choose personal trainers solely based on the discounts they offer.

So, when you choose a personal trainer, do not let their charges influence your decision in a way other than your budget.

2. Not knowing their expertise

If you are focusing on a particular fitness activity, it becomes more important for you to know the area of expertise of the trainer you choose. Say for example, if you are training for weightlifting but the trainer is a practitioner of cardio exercises then it may help you further your fitness goals. Only a weightlifting coach will know how you can lift heavy barbells without injuring your back or leg muscles.

So, when you go to meet the trainer for the first time, ensure that their area of expertise matches up with your goals. Otherwise, it will be of no use to you if you choose a trainer who knows little about your activity or sport.

3. Thinking certifications is enough for being a trainer

As mentioned earlier, a good trainer is the one who has the expertise and the experience to know what he/she is doing to help you stay fit. However, many people just ask for a certificate and join the gym.

Many freshly certified trainers do not have field experience and you do not want to put your health and fitness into the hands of an inexperienced person.

You can avoid this mistake by simply finding out how many years of experience does the personal trainer has.

4. Not asking for testimonies

Usually, any good personal trainer will show you the reviews and testimonies left by his/her other clients. Good client testimonies are often something to show off as they prove their expertise and increase their reputation in the field.

However, if a personal trainer does not show you any client reviews or testimonies then you need to ask them. With the client testimonies, you can understand how good or bad the trainer is.

Moreover, suppose you are looking for weight loss, then you may find other clients who had similar goals and check the results to see whether they match your expectations.

5. Accepting your potential personal trainer’s advice without understanding

There are times when people get so intimidated by the personal trainer that you end up believing and accepting everything that they say without ever questioning it or thinking about how it would further your fitness goals.

That should not be the case when it is your fitness that is on the line. It is the fitness trainer’s duty to listen to you and ask you what your goals are. They must tell you how a particular activity will help you to bring you closer to your fitness goals.

Furthermore, they must also know about your health and if you had any previous injuries or health issues that can affect your exercise. Without knowing that information, your trainer may end up giving you exercises that elevate your injury.

So, don’t be afraid to ask questions and choose the trainer that answers your questions satisfactorily.


Choosing the right trainer is just as important, if not more, as hiring a personal trainer. There are certain things that you must take care of and certain mistakes you must avoid while choosing a suitable trainer for yourself.

We discussed the 5 most common mistakes that people do while choosing a personal trainer, they are:

·         Only choosing trainers who charge higher fees

·         Not knowing their expertise

·         Thinking certifications is enough for being a trainer

·         Not asking for testimonies

·         Accepting your potential personal trainer’s advice without understanding

We have also stated easy ways that you can avoid these mistakes. Most of them involved simply improving communication with them.

What things do you ensure before joining a gym or choosing a personal trainer? Tell us in the comments below because we may consider adding them to the article while updating it in the future.

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