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Top Unique Weight Loss Tips For All Ages

Admin 25-06-2021

People that go to gyms or other fitness facilities may already have an idea of how important it is for people to keep a healthy weight. Healthy body weight not only makes you feel more confident but also reduces the risk of diseases related to obesity.

Tools like a gym management mobile application also help the gym-going people to keep a track of their fitness and exercising schedules right from their smartphones. The application is linked with the gym management software that their gym uses so that every change in their diet or workout schedule made by their gym instructor also appears in their application.

However, those who do not go to a gym may find themselves going through a trial and error method to finalize a workout regime that can give them the results that they want.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the top unique weight loss tips for all ages and these do not include only exercising but also other things such as dietary habits and lifestyle. So, it will give you an overall view of what factors may affect your weight and how you can control them to lose weight.

#1 Physical tips to lose weight

As mentioned earlier, different factors contribute to your weight gain. Of them, physical factors such as lack of exercise, or a sedentary work environment are to blame for weight gain.

Accordingly, here are some tips that can help you lose weight and achieve your desired body mass index (BMI).

Participate in aerobic activities

Aerobic exercises are those that get your heart rate up and help you burn off calories to help you lose weight. These exercises increase your blood flow and heart rate while burning off calories.

Any type of aerobic exercise like walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, jumping jacks, or running. Or if you are someone who does well with a group, you can join a Zumba class near you. Zumba is also a great activity for all ages to perform and enjoy while getting healthier with each passing day.

Practice strength training

Strength training is a great way to burn off fat and build lean and strong muscles. This comprises many different types of strength training whether using external weights or bodyweight training.

If you want to build strong muscles instead of only losing weight, then strength training is the best way to go. It also helps you to burn calories while you are resting to ensure that your body repairs the wear and tear that your muscles went through during the training.

While working on strength training or any kind of exercise, it is recommended to have your gym instructor supervise you. They will ensure that you perform the exercises with the right postures so that you avoid any injury. If you are unable to go to the gym then you can ask your gym if they offer live sessions to attend the gym virtually.

Stay active

If you are unable to join a fitness facility, the least you must do is stay active. Doing your daily household chores like walking your dog, gardening, cleaning the house, etc. are also enough to keep you from being sedentary. While it may not help you lose weight, it will certainly help you manage it so that you may not gain more.

Join a gym

Paying for a gym makes you more accountable for your fitness and you get the external motivation of working out with others will help you keep up with your weight loss goals.

Moreover, based on your goal, the gym trainer will be able to create a workout plan and diet chart that will help you achieve your goals faster.

#2 Diet tips to lose weight

What you eat also has just as big of an effect on your body as how active you are being. Hence, diet is another factor that affects your weight. Improper diet may contribute to a sudden weight gain without you even realizing it. Whereas, a proper diet will give your body the required nutrition without adding empty calories to your body.

Here are some diet tips to lose weight.

Increase your protein intake

Protein is one of the necessary nutrients for your body. It makes up around 9-16% of your body. It is not an exaggeration to say that apart from water and fat, your body mostly consists of protein.

Protein also is the building block of your muscles. So when your protein intake and absorption decreases, you tend to lose muscle mass. This process is faster in older adults so they need to add more protein to their daily diet.

You can find protein in:

*    Meat

*    Fish

*    Dairy products

*    Soybean

*    Legumes

*    Eggs

*    Nuts, etc

Older adults must add a protein supplement to their diet to fulfill their daily requirement of protein. It is suggested to eat at least 0.8 gram of protein for every kilogram of weight of your body.

Reduce consumption of saturated or trans fat

While fatty acids are necessary for your body, you need to identify the good fats and the bad fats. Instead of saturated fatty acids and trans fat found in junk food like burgers and pizza, switch to mono and poly-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA and PUFA).

These unsaturated fatty acids contain HDL that reduces the amount of cholesterol whereas saturated and trans fat increase cholesterol and empty calories in your body leading to weight gain and a number of other diseases related to heart and obesity.

Switch to a healthier diet by using MUFA and PUFA rich cooking oils.

These can be found in:

*    Safflower

*    Sunflower seeds

*    Walnuts

*    Peanuts

*    Sesame Seeds

*    Flaxseeds, etc.

You must make sure that you consume these fats in small amounts at regular intervals so that your body gets time to digest them.

Eat complex carbs instead of refined carbs

While carbohydrates are one of three essential nutrients for your body, they contain sugar starches that are harmful to your body when consumed in large amounts. Hence, instead of refined carbs found in white bread or other fast food, switch to complex carbs.

Complex carbs are chains of carbohydrate molecules that take longer to break down for digestion and so they keep you feeling full for longer. When you feel full for long, you will have fewer hunger pangs leading you to snack less.

You can find complex carbs in whole foods like:

*    Oats

*    Barley

*    Millet

*    Brown rice

*    Corn

*    Peas

*    Beans, etc

Simply switching white bread with brown or multigrain bread can make your eating healthier.

Reduce junk foods, increase fruits and vegetables

Junk foods contain sugar starch and trans fat that can be a major invitation for calorie increase and fat accumulation in your body. Binging on junk food like chips, fries, or burgers can increase empty calories in your body.

On the other hand, fruits and vegetables are filled with fiber and necessary nutrients for your body that can help you feel full and give you nutrition to go through your day.

Fruits and vegetables rich in fiber include:

*    Pears

*    Berries

*    Avocado

*    Apple

*    Strawberries

*    Beet

*    Broccoli

*    Artichoke, etc.

Fibers also help you to improve your digestion and metabolism giving you a good amount of energy to go through your day.

#3 Lifestyle tips to lose weight

A lot of times, people think that exercising and diet are the only things that affect their body weight. However, your lifestyle habits also have a great effect on whether you gain or lose weight.

Here are some lifestyle habits that will help you to lose or maintain weight.

Staying hydrated

Oftentimes, people misunderstand being thirsty as being hungry and end up eating more than necessary. Staying hydrated will help you stay away from unnecessary cravings.

Drinking water before a meal also helps you control how much you eat to keep the calories in check. The added bonus is that drinking plenty of water also keeps your skin hydrated and looking great.

Get enough sleep

Have you ever stayed up late at night, whether for work or just to watch one more episode of your favorite web series? The next day, you do not feel well-rested most of the time, which leads to other signs like crankiness and dark circles around your eyes.

Apart from the physical and mental effects, lack of sleep is also associated with weight gain as well. Here’s how lack of sleep can affect your weight gain:

*    It decreases your metabolism

*    It may increase midnight snacking

*    It increases oxidative stress on your body

*    It promotes blood sugar and insulin resistance

*    And it disrupts your circadian rhythm

All of these lead to weight gain. Hence, it is important that you get good sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day. Understand that not only the hours of sleep but also the sleep quality matters to ensure that your body and mind stay healthy.

Manage your stress

Stress is yet another reason that can affect your body weight. Increased stress levels can increase your body weight significantly as well.

When you are stressed, your brain releases cortisol, a type of stress hormone which affects your metabolism and increases your hunger leading to overeating.

Here is how you can start to manage your everyday stress levels:

*    Meditate,

*    Go out for a walk,

*    Listen to music,

*    Read a book,

*    Do hobbies that you like

Getting yourself distracted by such calming activities allows you to manage your stress and your weight along with it.


How do I get serious about losing weight?

Having internal motivation is very necessary when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. You can give yourselves some incentives when finishing a task successfully. For example, if you attend the gym without skipping a day for a month, you can treat yourself to some shopping.

Such rewards train your brain to form a habit of exercising. Eventually, you can reduce or remove the reward once you are sure that your habit is settled for good. Another way is to take a friend or partner along with you to the gym so that you can motivate each other to continue on your journey to weight loss.

At what age is the hardest to lose weight?

While it is not the hardest to lose weight as compared to any other age group, people after their 40s tend to gain weight easier than those younger than them. This is because, after your 40s, your body consumes less energy and the fat reserve will increase with time if you keep up your older lifestyle.

People over 30s need to start watching their lifestyle and dietary habits to ensure that they can maintain their health and physical fitness regardless of their age.

How can I lose tummy fat fast?

Visceral or tummy fat is one of the most stubborn fat in your body that takes a lot of hard work to burn off. Cardiovascular exercises and strength training are the best way to burn belly fat. It helps you burn off fat faster and build muscles to strengthen you.


Losing weight needs your motivation and constant efforts. With regular exercise, proper diet, and the right lifestyle habits, you can maintain and reduce your weight. However, if you want to lose weight fast, then join a gym near you.

A gym or fitness facility will offer you the right equipment and trainers who can tell you important tips, tricks, and techniques to perform better. They will create a diet chart based on your health reports and give you a workout that matches your body type and goal.

Let us know your thoughts on these top unique weight loss tips for all ages. Do you agree with these? Or do you have some more to add? Comment them down below and don’t forget to share this blog with your friends, family, and peers on social media.

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