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Live Fitness Sessions: How can they help your gym business during COVID-19

Admin 24-05-2021

Seeing the pandemic situation in India, many gyms have chosen to leverage the online platforms to connect with their members and prospects. This arrangement has largely kept many smaller gyms afloat amidst the outbreak.

With tools like the gym management software help gyms and fitness centers to give the necessary tools to stay in contact with their gym members and staff.

The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has hit India and it is harsher than the first one. It has become a necessity to keep businesses strictly online to reduce the spread and keep everyone around safe.

However, an on-ground business such as a gym or fitness center is harder to take online. Many times, the gym owners have doubts about how to take the gym on the internet without losing their current customers. That being said, the current situation has forced every gym owner to take that road whether they like it or not.

This blog will discuss how Live Sessions, a feature of the gym management software helps gyms and fitness centers to keep their training and classes going even without opening the facility for the public. The blog will also discuss other features of the gym management software that can help you seamlessly take your fitness facility online.

What are Live Sessions?

Live sessions is one of the many features of the gym management software that allows gym owners and fitness trainers to take their classes online. This feature, unlike the online group video call applications, is connected with your gym system.

This allows the gym owners and the fitness trainer to connect with their gym members and clients to stay connected with the schedule, requirement, and any other communication without using multiple applications to manage it.

Live sessions allow gym members to train regularly from their homes while staying connected to their trainer via a two-way live stream or a pre-recorded video. The trainer or gym owner can send members a message or notification to the member’s application regarding the date, time, and type of training it is going to be during the live session.

And then, the fitness trainer can use the Live Session feature to stream or record the training schedule. All of this can be done using a single gym management software.

Benefits of using the Live Sessions feature

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many small gyms found it hard to keep a steady stream of members and prospects coming to their facility. This is because when everything was closed off, people used the internet to stay connected with each other.

The gyms and fitness facilities that knew how to leverage the right tools, along with the internet, were able to offer more even during the long lockdown. Tools like gym management software are not only useful for your offline gym facilities but also your online training sessions with gym members and clients.

The Live Sessions feature played a big part in helping gyms connect with their members during the outbreak. Let’s see how it is beneficial this feature is for gym owners, fitness trainers, and members as well.

It is a secure way to connect

Live sessions on gym management software use the cloud-based server to connect the gym trainers with the gym members. Hence the connection is completely secure from any breaches.

Since the feature is connected with the gym management software, anyone who is not a part of your gym cannot attend the live training sessions. This makes sure that your content stays yours and reaches only those for whom it is intended.

It offers real-time interaction

If the trainer chooses, they can interact in real-time with the gym members so that they can see if the postures and techniques of each exercise are correct or not. This ensures that the member avoids any injuries and performs more effectively.

Using the Live Sessions feature, gym members can get the same coaching and training virtually as they would get from the physical gym. This helps gym members to stay fit with the right fitness schedule.

It allows remote training

A lot of times when people travel away from their town for business or other reasons, they still want to keep working out with their trainer. However, the distance and inability to reach out to the gym member restricted better communication between the trainer and the gym members.

Eventually, the gym would lose a loyal gym member to distance. The Live Sessions feature of the gym management software is helpful in such situations to retain your faraway members.

It only needs the gym management mobile application for members and an active internet connection to be able to attend a live gym session. That way, gym owners can engage their remote members as well as local members.

Other features of gym management software to help during the pandemic

Apart from Live Sessions, there are other features of gym management software that can help with the current situation in India. All these features work together to increase your gym’s efficiency and profit.

Here are some of these features that can be extremely helpful in maintaining your gym during the COVID-19 pandemic.

WhatsApp and SMS integration

WhatsApp and SMS integration allows gym owners and trainers to stay in contact with the members regarding online live session schedules.

Other than that, trainers and gym owners can also send any important reminder or notice to their members about the gym facility. This can be anything, a fee reminder, or a special workout event notice.

Where SMS integration ensures that the message reaches the recipients even without any internet connection, WhatsApp integration would offer rich messaging with images, videos, audio, and documents.

Gym management mobile application for members

The gym management mobile application for members is yet another reason how gym management software can help your gym stay connected with your gym members even during this pandemic.

The gym management smartphone application allows members to keep a tab of their fitness goal, follow the predetermined workout and diet schedule, track their hydration levels and so much more.

Moreover, the gym management member’s smartphone application is connected to the gym management software of the gym owner. This means that if the gym owner or manager wants, they can send important notifications, reminders, and announcements to the members via push notifications on the application.


These are tough times for everyone. However, with the right technology at your disposal, you can choose to make the best out of this situation.

The gym management software is that technology for gyms and fitness centers. It not only simplifies your everyday tasks regularly but also helps you maintain the connection between your gym and its members.

You can start a free trial of the gym management software if you have not implemented it in your fitness facility yet. That will allow you to understand each feature of the software more easily.

How do you think gyms and fitness centers should use their resources to fight the current situation and come out stronger? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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