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Weight Training Using Bodyweight: How effective is it?

Admin 31-05-2021

When it comes to improving your fitness and increasing strength, many people would advise you to do weight training. It is using weights such as dumbbells and barbells to exercise your muscles and build up strength.

However, with gyms operating online with tools like gym management software, many gym instructors and owners recommend their members to do bodyweight training if they do not have weights around.

Bodyweight training is a type of resistance training that uses the persons’ body weight to increase their endurance and muscle mass. While you can use a training prop around you, they are not absolutely necessary either.

However, that leads to a question. How effective is bodyweight training?

In this blog, we will look at the effectiveness of bodyweight training and how it is beneficial for your health and fitness.

What is bodyweight training?

As mentioned earlier, bodyweight training uses your body’s weight to help build your fitness, strength, and muscles. Rather than using external weights like dumbbells, you need to use your own limbs, torso, and gravitational pull to support and increase your exercise training.

Bodyweight training uses exercises like squats, lunges, bench presses, etc. They do not need any additional equipment and can easily be modified to make them more challenging.

With the increase in live sessions through gym management software, more gym owners and gym instructors train their gym members using their computer or a smartphone. While some do have home gym equipment, many gym members that rely on the gym do not own much gym equipment or machines. Hence, bodyweight training is the perfect form of training for them.

Gym owners would recommend bodyweight training if you want to exercise without machines or you are training from your home. Here it is necessary to know that having proper guidance and training can help you with better performance and results. So make sure that you stay in contact with your gym trainer through live online sessions.

Benefits of bodyweight training

People and gym members working out from their homes or even in the gym can easily perform bodyweight training to keep them active and healthy. However, apart from that, there are many other benefits that it provides you. Here we have listed some of the benefits of bodyweight training.

It is effective

A lot of people believe that bodyweight training is something that only beginners would be benefitted from. However, the flexibility of bodyweight exercises allows the members and instructors to modify the exercises and increase the difficulty to challenge themselves.

If you are starting as a beginner, you can start with simple push-ups, and then you can add a little twist like shoulder-touch push-ups to increase the difficulty. You may also modify it to do handstand push-ups if you are confident about it.

It is convenient

Since the exercises are dependent only on one’s body weight, the training does not need any additional equipment or machines. This means that you can do it wherever you are.

You can follow the training schedule even when you are not home. Whether you are out of town or confined in your own house, you can build your muscles with these exercises.

It works on various muscle groups

Bodyweight exercises engage your full body for a workout allowing you to focus on various muscle groups at the same time. For example, if you are doing push-ups, your arm muscles, core muscles, and leg muscles are engaged in the workout giving you a well-toned overall physique.

It is cost-effective

Bodyweight exercises do not need you to buy any expensive equipment nor is going to the gym. However, joining a gym is recommended since there are added benefits of having a trainer that you may miss out on.

Other than that, there are no expenses that you need to pay to do bodyweight training.


Is bodyweight training effective for building muscles?

Yes, bodyweight training is as effective for building muscles as any other form of resistance training with eternal weights. The only difference here is that instead of external weights, you use your own body weight and gravity to build your muscles.

Are bodyweight exercises more effective than weights?

The effectiveness of bodyweight exercises is just as much as that of exercises with external weights if not more. Here the added factor is the convenience that bodyweight exercises provide you and their efficiency due to faster and easier change in pace and movement without any external equipment.


Keeping yourself fit does not require you to have a set of expensive workout equipment or complex machines. With your own body, you along with your gym instructor can plan a workout that helps you reach your fitness goal with the comfort of working out at your home.

Tools like gym management software help you stay connected with your gym instructor who can ensure that you are using the right technique and posture to avoid any risk of injury.

Moreover, it also allows the gym members to check their workout and diet schedule so that they can follow it even when they are away.

What are your thoughts on bodyweight training exercises? Let us know in the comments below and if you liked this blog, make sure that you share it with your peers.

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