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5 Tips to Increase Gym Membership That Actually Work!

Admin 28-10-2020

As the 21st century progresses, the number of people with desk jobs is increasing. However, along with that increases the number of people becoming conscious of their health and fitness. Within tight schedules, everyone wants to fit in some time for daily exercising and this is why they want to join a fitness center or a gym. The gym culture itself is spreading pretty rapidly. People want to join the gym for various reasons, some want to stay fit, and some want to have a particular body shape, some wish to increase strength and stamina while others want to reduce muscle pain and increase mobility.

With the rapidly increasing number of people going to the gym, the number of gyms popping up is also high. So the most important question here is how are we, as gym owners, can attract clients to increase memberships in our gyms?

We tried to gauge our target audience and their needs from a gym or fitness center. And in this blog, we are going to discuss 5 tips to increase the number of gym memberships that actually work.

Tip #01: Offer added value to your clients

Whether it is a product or a service, people love freebies. As a gym owner, we need to understand what our clients need, and accordingly, we can offer them certain freebies that can help them in one way or another. Perks like one month of free one-on-one personal training allows first-time gym-goers to get used to the gym equipment under the supervision of the personal trainer so that even after the personal training session the person will keep coming back to the gym since now he/she will feel comfortable using the equipment.

Apart from that, free fitness sessions, 7-day gym pass, and gym giveaways like gym bags or water bottles can also be a way to attract customers. Brand products can also be a good way to market your gym as people often use gym bags or bottles at places other than the gym.

Tip #02: Target diverse people

When we think of gyms many of us would inherently target the young adults. However, there are a large number of older adults with expendable money who are looking for the right gym. Where some of them want to stay fit and healthy, others are looking for a way to increase joint and muscle mobility.

To increase familiarity with the gym, we can also add a little diversity to our staff. Instead of having a staff full of people from a certain age group of the same gender, it is better to take in a variety of people from different age groups and gender. This increases the level of comfort in clients of different gender and age groups.

Moreover, gyms can collaborate with different private and public sector companies and corporations to target the people from that industry. We can make them see how a sedentary corporate lifestyle can be changed to a fit and healthy one by simply collaborating with a gym. To further the deal we can also offer bulk membership discounts.

Tip #03: Retain your staff

Talking about staff, they are the most important people for running a gym successfully. We cannot supervise a whole gym by ourselves. So we must acquire and retain good staff members. Staff members also play a role in promoting our gym in our community and outside of it. Therefore staff loyalty is also important for our gym.

The best way to retain staff members is by rewarding them for the effort they put into their work. Their trust in our gym allows them to positively recommend it to others in their circle.

Tip #04: Build your gym community

A gym is not only a place for exercise, it is a vital part of many people's lifestyles. And so people are looking for a gym with the kind of atmosphere that includes them seamlessly. People should feel like they are a part of a family and not just the gym. As the level of familiarity increases, people will tend to keep coming back to our gym.

For that to happen, we must put in the extra effort. Instead of giving our member tips on only physical exercises, we must include other areas of fitness like diet and nutrition as well. We should also stay active on social media so that our members can stay in touch with all the latest happenings at our gym and put blog posts that target and answer client's queries. With small efforts like these, we can not only retain our members but also bring in new long-term members.

Tip #05: Become a part of gym listing sites

While choosing the right gym, many people go online to search for a gym that offers different amenities and has good user ratings. Gym listing sites are the places where most of the gym-going and gym-searching people end up reviewing or finding a gym around them.

These gym listing sites are a bridge between gym owners and their clients. Using these sites, we can easily let our target audience know of all the facilities and packages our gym has to offer. From there on our client can either directly contact us or inquire about the portal from where they can be connected to us. It is easier to reach a larger audience from our community with the help of gym listing portals or websites as compared to when we aren't a part of it.


Running a gym is a work of passion and it tends to attract people having similar interests. But before that, we need to let them know about our gym's existence. In this blog, we listed down and discussed 5 tips to boost the number of gym memberships that actually work.

1.        Offer added value to your clients

2.       Target diverse people

3.        Retain your staff

4.        Build your gym community

5.        Become a part of gym listing sites

With these five tips, we can be sure to increase and retain gym members for a long time. To the members who already go to a gym or are planning to go to a gym, you might like to know what going to a gym regularly does to you.

Did you find these tips helpful? Or are there any more that you would like our reader to know? We love to hear them from you so share them in the comments section below. And if you are a client trying to find the right gym for yourself, check out the ones listed here and you might end up finding the perfect one.

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