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Initiating a workout program, you might wonder what am I to gain out of it? What is my goal with fitness? Who is my fitness inspiration? And so on. These goals are important and serve as intrinsic motivation. All the colorings of workout we try are diverse, different, special and unique in their own manner. Yet they all have a common aim that is overall Fitness. A fit body is the channel to a healthy head and heart. 

What should you go for?

Irrespective of what your short term goals with working out are, there are multitudes of practices or simply forms of workout you can try. With each passing year avantgarde workout regimes surface and leave us with end number of possibilities. Many fitness Studios are erected with the hope of introducing more and more people to the fitness family.

One thing peculiar about every workout technique or routine you adopt is its influence on the focus group. You can comprehend focus group as the impact that a said workout will have on your body. It is a known fact that over a period of time your exercise routine will start to show up results no matter how rigours or moderate you exercise.

Getting Down To The Intricacies

Our body is made up of muscles, tissues and bones. When working out, for example doing a ten minute power walk up an inclined treadmill will definitely give you a more enhanced and toned calf muscles. The case we are trying to put across is that every workout being unique and distinct will affect the body in certain manner. You cannot compare one with the other. Each one has its own list of pros. This the reason celebrities embrace various workout techniques so as to get the best of all worlds. Some exercises retouch the muscles, while some work on bone strength and some on both.

Stronger Bones or Enhanced Muscle Appearance?

This is the most sought after question. The answer to which lies with your workout goals as discussed earlier. Weather you want a pair of perfect abs, calves and those enormous biceps or you dream of that low body fat and lean healthy muscle mass is totally your call. The outcome you want from your exercise routine quite simply depends on the routine and type of workout you go for. Do not just imitate what your friend or an influencer on Instagram is doing. Listen to your body, find out your strengths and weaknesses and fine tune your workout to suit you. We at Vfitness are here to brainstorm with you the numerous workouts and their impacts on bones and muscles alike.


Cardio in most cases is either looked as a warm up or as the most dreaded part of the exercises. Cardio sure increases your heart rate before a workout and warns you the body. But it has a much bigger role to perform. Cardio if done religiously with a clean diet aids to weight loss. Cardio burns up the calories you intake. For weight loss though a person ought to enter into a calorie deficit. Means burning more calories than taking in. When we lose weight, the muscles lose their fat content in them and become leaner. Your stride becomes steady, you get a grip of your long muscle groups. Cardiovascular exercises like swimming, running, walking, skipping etc are quite common.

Martial arts

Have you ever seen a beefy person perform martial arts? Probably not. This is because Martial arts is a practice involving brisk movements and agility. A person with hard swollen muscles does not have what it takes. Martial arts like Kung Fu, Karate, Tai Chi etc are all about alertness and swiftness. They are mostly defence practices which require bone strength. Strong bones lead to a greater and more severe impact.


Our very own popular yoga is what most people think to be full body practice. But if modified it becomes target muscle focused as well. Yoga impacts both the muscles and bones. The muscles become more toned while the bones stable.


This is the most commonly employed exercise. People lift weights, mainly because they have linked weights to fitness. What needs to be clarified is that Body Building and Lifting Weights is a kind of workout and not the only workout. When we lift heavy the tissue tears and the body runs to operate on it causing soreness and growth. Plus you add protein to it which further enlarges the muscles.


Zumba functions the same way as yoga. You get to work your large muscle groups and tone them up. Alongside strengthening the bones in the process. And if done in a calorie deficit you can lose weight too. You dance and jump around to tracks which makes Zumba to act on the entire body.


It is a relatively new yet the most trending workout practice around us. Crossfit which combines lifting, jumping, rowing etc is a full body training technique with each practice embossed in it to focus on a particular muscle group. This is what makes crossfit so in fashion. It is not boring. Plus it builds and tone muscles, works on agility and promotes strong bones.

To Your Aid

Apart from deciding about your workout type, you also have to decide upon who will be your guide? Beginners and amateurs can very conveniently browse through millions and millions of fitness gurus online or on social media handles. Moreover you can browse through our super refined filters to polish your search and look for the best gyms near you and personal trainers as well.

Don't sit and draw a comparison between what to go for either firm bones or big muscles. Get up and get moving and attempt what feels is good for you. And if you need a little help, Vfitness is here to list out the best fitness centres and gyms around you.

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