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Smart Yoga - A Blend of Yoga and Technology

Admin 01-01-2019

Technology intervenes have been pretty evident particularly when the 21st century began. Now in this age of gizmos and genius devices, there isn't a sector in which technology hasn't brushed its feather like hands. This change brought about by technology has aided humans to say the least but has majorly impacted and improved our mundane lives. Gone are the days when taking a run in the wood among trees and butterflies was a thing. Treadmills have taken over. Computer dominates the human brain power now. The examples are innumerable and drastic.

In the fitness industry too, with the advent of supreme machines gyms have undergone a total makeover. Nothing about gyms was natural earlier either. But simple practices namely yoga, stretching, skipping, running, meditation have now become tech savvy. 

You have those skips counting device embedded in your skipping rope, number of smart watches and gears to track your heart rate, steps taken and all that jazz, applications that help you concentrate better by creating an artificial environment when meditating. The practice as you can see remains the same, but there is a brush of technology involved.

We at Vfitness understand what kind of a workout atmosphere you need by providing you with multitudes of options to choose from. We will situate you in your respected workout niche be it gyms, pilates studio, fitness centres, martial arts or yoga classes. Moreover reading on you'll discover a simple yet complicated practice named Smart Yoga.

A Peek into Yoga History

Yoga has its roots in India as it is an archaic Indian practice. The word Yoga is mentioned as early as in the Rig Veda (the oldest of the four Vedas). It was a practice to train the spiritual, mental and physical body. With yoga the body chakras can be aligned and provides proper all around development of an individual. Yoga is carried out in a sanguine, clean and calm spot indoors or outdoors with minimal amount of distractions. Also any day a traditionalist yogi would advise to perform yoga anytime of the day before sunset. Performing yoga after sunset is not promoted as there is the sun to provide you with energy, clean air and there is considerably more oxygen in the air.

Types of yoga exist which cater to various body parts, are versatile in their approach and different from each other. The Asanas you hold during your yoga practice is key. A correct asana or posture will do miracles for you. A calm mind and a positive attitude will be extra add on and make yoga more peaceful and powerful.

Yoga and Technology

Our fitness innovators and enthusiasts could not withstand yoga being ignored by technology. A need was felt to add technology to yoga. To this many people are happy while other orthodox traditionalists cringe at this duo.

Gifts of Technology to Yoga.

Apparently you just don't need your body and a clean spot to perform yoga. Some accessorising needs to be done. As we all know yoga is not done on a bare floor. A basic yoga mat is mandatory to perform yoga. Next up is a yoga gear. To put it plainly it is outfit you wear when doing yoga. And lastly it is the tranquil and calm environment which stimulates the aura around you for a better yoga practice. These things we talked about are quite ordinary and nothing too expensive or unique. But what if say that all these have been modified and tweaked by technology to unleash its powers. You will be amazed with the results.

Smart Yoga

Smart yoga is the name given to the blend of yoga and technology. This blend has raised a few eyebrows. But in these busy times smart yoga is very much appreciated and brought in use. It has so far made the following number of changes -

Genius Yoga Mat

The need to involve technology in yoga mat is as innovative as it gets. This yoga mat is loaded with sensors which are able to detect your movement and give you active feedback of your postures and positions. Consider these mats as your live but non breathing yoga guru.

Technology Infused Yoga Wear

Yoga has very limited instrument requirements. Clothing is one of that. Hence why not infuse them with technology, the geeks thought. Because of that, we have the hi tech yoga wear. Precisely it is the yoga pants which are kissed by technology. Wearable X have come up with Nadi X yoga pants. As a prompt, they send out mild vibrations when you fall out of your pose. Now this is some wearable technology.

High Tech Yoga Studios

We live in concrete jungles that are the cities. Cities nowadays, (all thanks to us) have next to no natural places or the favourable environment where yoga practice can be carried out. Considering this, technology created artificial environment for an aesthetic yoga experience. These yoga Studios have high resolution graphics of natural scenery and landscapes being projected on huge screens with mild sounds for stimulation. They aim to provide a near nature experience.

Applications for Yoga

If you can't afford high tech classes, outfits or mats the apps have got your back. Both free and paid applications assure you get the best yoga lessons, a virtual guide and authentic yoga expertise. Yoga with Adrienne is a very popular yogi who teaches yoga via her YouTube channel. Also applications like OM, Daily Yoga, Pocket Yoga, Yoga Studio etc are dedicated to improving your Yoga sessions.

Whether you adopt these technological tweaks to your daily routine yoga or not is up to you. Majorly consider if your pocket allows them. Ponder over if you really need them or not and are you capable enough to play with such advanced piece of technology. Yoga is simply a connection between your mind, body and heart. Do whatever you feel is right to establish this connection. Most importantly continue the healthy, healing workout yoga is and feel free to give our technology chance at Vfitnessclub to serve you with a list of yoga classes and Studios around you. 

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