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Improve Your Stamina with These Useful Diet Tips

Admin 18-11-2020

Fatigue and feeling drained after a long day at work?

You are not the only one. A study suggests that at an average, 27.7% of people in India feel fatigued on regular basis. This same study showed that signs of fatigue were more prevalent in underweight and overweight people as compared to people with normal Body Mass Index (BMI).

Our stamina or energy levels are the determinants of how healthy and fit you actually are. With evolving times, a sedentary lifestyle is becoming very common among people of this generation. Because of this, your body does not function as it should.

However, people who are aware of this have started taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle. Going to the gym and working out will help you get rid of the sedentary lifestyle. Along with working out though, what you need is the right diet and proper nutrition to keep you strong and healthy enough to withstand a vigorous workout.

In today’s blog, we will discuss some of the tips that you can use in your daily diet to improve your stamina levels so that you can perform your everyday tasks without feeling drained.

Tip #01: Increase Proteins in your Diet

Proteins are the building blocks of your body. Your body is comprised of almost 20% protein which is present in every single cell of the body. It is also the most basic and a component of your muscles. Hence, protein intake is not only good for your stamina but also helpful in increasing muscle mass.

The natural source of protein includes:

·         Chicken and meat

·         Fish

·         Almonds

·         Soybeans

·         Eggs

·         Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.

Including these foods in your daily diet will provide you the required amount of protein for your body. It helps you stay energetic, healthy, and youthful.

®    The required daily value of Protein for humans is 50g per day for an average adult male or female.

Tip #02: Replace carbs with complex carbs

Eating foods with a high amount of carbohydrates is not good for your body. However, carbohydrates are one of the basic nutrients that your body needs. Therefore, instead of eating foods with high carb compounds, like sugary breakfast cereals, baked products (cookies, bread, etc.), pasta, potato chips, etc., you must eat complex carbs.

Complex carbohydrates are compounds that take a longer time to breakdown in your stomach and so it makes you feel satiated for longer. The slow breakdown also helps to constantly provide energy throughout the day without having to eat more.

Foods with complex carbohydrates are mostly considered to be healthy foods, they include:

·         Oats

·         Quinoa

·         Brown rice

·         Buckwheat

·         Millet

·         Wheat

Replace your regular rice and pasta for these foods rich in complex carbs and see how your body becomes healthier by the day, including your strength, stamina, to your gut health, and metabolism.

®    The required daily value of Carbohydrates for humans are 275g per day for an average adult male or female.

Tip #03: Get your daily Vitamin C

The deficiency of Vitamin C in your diet can be a cause behind your fatigue and weakness. Nutrients like Vitamins are not usually made by your body, the way it makes proteins or carbohydrates. But they are one of the most necessary nutrients for your body.

Without proper amounts of Vitamin C, your body becomes weak and fall victim to diseases like Scurvy, an illness caused by the deficiency of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is not only a nutrient that increases your stamina. It also helps in the protein synthesis in your body, decreases the risk of heatstroke, protects cells from oxidation, and promotes faster wound healing.

Foods rich in Vitamin C are:

·         Citrus fruits (Lemon, Orange, Lime, etc.)

·         Rosehips

·         Broccoli and Brussels sprouts

·         Tomatoes

·         Bell peppers

·         Kiwi

·         Berries

Most of these foods are also often called superfoods for they provide other nutrients in high quantities as well.

®    The required daily value of Vitamin C for humans is 90mg per day for an average adult male or female.

Tip #04: Increase Iron Consumption

Similar to Vitamin C, Iron deficiency can also show symptoms such as tiredness or fatigue. Your blood constitutes almost 70% of the total iron content in your body. And so, it is an extremely important nutrient for the health of your body.

Diseases like anemia are caused due to the deficiency of iron in your blood. Iron is also a part of the protein found in your blood, Hemoglobin. It is a vital component in transferring oxygen to the lungs and tissues. It is safe to say that, Iron is an essential nutrient for producing blood in your body.

There are various foods rich in Iron, some of them include:

·         Beans

·         Green leafy vegetables like Spinach

·         Tofu

·         Nuts

·         Lentils

·         Whole grains

Eating food rich in Iron will increase your hemoglobin levels and keep your energy levels up.

®    The required daily value of Iron for humans is 18mg per day for an average adult male or female.

Tip #05: Drink a Moderate Amount of Coffee every day

Coffee, tea, dark chocolate or any other food or drink that contains caffeine may actually help maintain your energy throughout the day. Anyhow, many people cannot start their day without a cup of coffee or tea.

Caffeine in these foods increases brain activity and helps you to focus on your work. Caffeine increases your cognitive performance and relieves post-workout muscle soreness up to some levels.

Foods and drinks rich in Caffeine content are:

·         Coffee Beans

·         Tea Leaves

·         Cacao beans

·         Guarana berries

·         Guayusa

However, excessive amounts of caffeine can be addictive and harmful to your health.

®    The required daily value of Caffeine for humans is 400mg per day for an average adult male or female.


To live life to the fullest, it is important to feel healthy, fit, and energetic. Some foods help you to keep your energy levels up throughout the day along with giving you some of the most important nutrients to stay healthy and fit. These nutrients include:

·         Proteins

·         Carbohydrates

·         Vitamins

·         Minerals

Apart from these, stimulants like caffeine in moderate amounts are also helpful in maintaining healthy energy levels every day.

That is to say, without proper exercising, your dieting is also incomplete and vice versa. If you only depend on your diet to increase your stamina you may not get the desired results. So, make sure that you are going to the gym every day and eating healthy food.

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Do you think we missed something? Let us know in the comments section below.

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