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Why Do People Fail to Lose Belly Fat With Home Workout?

Admin 28-10-2020

Having a fit and healthy body is everyone’s wish. To stay active, many of us practice exercising at home. However, this isn’t enough to lose weight let alone belly fat. For most of us, belly fat is probably the hardest to lose. Those of us who want to lose it for a slimmer body have already tried different home workout methods. But nothing seemed to have worked out quite our way. Do you agree with us?

To start, home workouts are made to stay active and increase stamina. However, they may not be best for losing belly fat. The belly is the most stubborn area of our body that packs too much fat too quickly. Hence, it is easier to gain fat but way harder to lose it.

In this blog, let’s discuss why home workout is not enough to lose belly fat and what we can do to actually lose it most effectively. Below, we have listed down the reasons why working out at home may not be a solution for body fat.

We easily get unmotivated or lazy

Motivation is a very essential driving factor in making us wake up and exercise daily. However, we have to agree that with just us trying to be fit on our own, it can get a little monotonous. Because of this, we end up being lazy and uninterested. At first, this laziness affects the quality of our workout, and then it makes us stop working out altogether. So, not being motivated enough is one of the reasons why we don’t get the desired results from our workouts, whether it is at a gym or home.

We aren’t challenging ourselves

Once we get used to a home workout routine, we often tend to keep following it for the longest time. When we practice a certain workout routine enough times, our body might get used to it. With that, further progress to get fit halts. Belly fat is the most persistent kind so it would need more hard work to lose it.

Focusing on only one type of exercise

Because of the limited equipment, we get into a habit of focusing on only one type of physical exercise. For example, cardio exercises like jumping jacks or running are some of the most popular home workout exercises. However, even if they burn calories, it does not mean that these exercises are affecting our belly fat much.

We aren’t doing weight training

To be able to burn calories for longer our bodies need to have more muscle mass. Weight training helps us to build muscle that uses up more calories to maintain itself. So we end up burning calories hours or days after our workout. However, due to the lack of proper equipment, we skip weight training in our daily home workout. And this is why we cannot lose belly fat the way we want.

We don’t have a proper workout plan

While working out at home more often than not, we just go with the flow. Do whichever exercise that we fancy that day. Several times, we focus more on crunches or exercises that target our abdominal area to lose fat while other times, we do burpees. To say shortly, we never have a proper plan to target our fitness goal and so we end up doing whatever we feel might help us. But this does not solve our belly fat problem.

We don’t exercise correctly

It is very important to have the right posture while exercising. But without the correct guidance, we often do exercises with the wrong posture which does not help us to lose belly or any fat for that matter. And worse, using the wrong posture can get us injured.

So then, what can push us towards the right way of getting rid of that belly fat? A gym and a personal trainer is what we need to successfully lose that stubborn belly fat. Here’s how a gym and a personal trainer can overcome all the above limitations of a home workout.

They hold us accountable

A personal trainer is waiting for us to come and exercise is a reason enough to get us motivated enough to get out of bed and hit the gym. But apart from that, they also give us small mental incentives to keep us motivated throughout the workout. Personal trainers also push us to do better and not slack off on our daily workout.

They create challenging workout routines

Personal trainers know what they are doing and what our end goal is. Accordingly, they create the most effective workout routine that will bring us closer to our fitness goal, in this case losing belly fat, every day. Moreover, they create the routine in a way that our exercises are always challenging enough to keep our progress graph rising high.

Focuses on different workout routines

The moment our personal trainer feels that we are getting used to a particular workout routine, they will change it so that we get the maximum benefit from different workouts.

The gym provides with the right equipment

Whether it is free weights or weight machines, a gym provides us the right equipment to do our routine weight training to reduce belly fat and increase body muscle mass.

They create the right workout plan for us

Personal fitness trainers help us to create the perfect workout plan according to our fitness goal. This helps us manage our gym time and exercise more efficiently than going at it without a plan.

They can show us the right postures

Gym trainers are knowledgeable about different exercises and how to do them. While working out, they often share their tips, techniques, and correct postures to do any certain exercise or pose. This allows us to gain maximum benefit from any workout routine and reduces the risk of injuries.

That being said, we can easily deduce that working out at home will barely help us to lose belly fat. Going to a gym and getting the assistance of a personal trainer will help us to lose belly fat more effectively.


Have you been working out at home and questioned yourself why you aren’t losing your belly fat? Home workouts are not as useful to lose belly fat. To be able to do that, we need to have proper equipment and guidance that only a gym can provide us.

The fitness trainers at the gym assist us to create an exercise routine that targets our belly fat. They motivate us to keep exercising daily and give proper tips and techniques to workout efficiently without causing any injury to ourselves.

Have you tried losing your belly fat at home? How was your experience? Or would you rather work out at a gym? Tell us in the comments below.

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