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What do Successful Gym Owners Have in Common: 5 Qualities to set you apart from the rest

Tejal Surve 14-08-2021

As people are becoming more aware of their health and fitness, they are starting to join gyms and fitness studios, whether online or offline. The fitness industry has always been a flourishing one. ...

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5 Worst Fitness Business Mistakes Every Gym Owner Must Avoid

Tejal Surve 10-08-2021

Mistakes are a part of running any business. You make mistakes and you learn from them to become a stronger businessman. However, clever people are those who learn from ...

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WhatsApp Marketing for Fitness Business: How to attract prospects using smart messages

Tejal Surve 29-07-2021

Whether your target audience is teenagers striving for a lean summer body, adults wanting to stay fit, or fitness enthusiasts wanting to achieve the shape and form of t ...

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